Through the season we offer an array of items to the community of fisherman.

Watauga Farm Stand Bait & Tackle Offer:
Live Fishing Bait: Meal Worms, Red Worms, Night Crawlers, Green works, Shiners and two size Minnows

Tackle: We offer a small line of fishing poles, minnow buckets, fishing line, hooks, sinkers, air bubblier’s, catfish bait, fish eggs, corn,  crappy lights, batteries, sunglasses

Local Hand Made Fishing Lure’s – We offer a HUGE line of the beloved Little Lucy Lure’s

We host a large line of Appalachian Baits made local in our region.

Fishing Snacks: We offer drinks, chips, candy, cookies and crackers for taking along with you to fishing so use as your one stop shop for fishing needs.

We also offer large animal hauling within 100 mile radius. (Prices are charged by the mile or one set fee for delivery so contact us for more details)

Premium quality horse hay in mini round bales for sale through the season. Please call for price!

Natural Barefoot equine hoof trimming by experienced trimmer of over seven years. Cost is $100.00 an animal plus additional farm call charge. Call for an appointment as space is limited.